Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Coming along

Things are proceeding pretty well, the boat is almost done. I should have some more pictures to post in the next few days.
Have to get a stress test done to satisfy the CM rules I am not at all worried about the test, more so am curious how the results will compare to the VO2 Max test I took in 2002.
The big project right now is working on finding some sponsors, have talked to some companies and have Remote Medical International on board. Remote Medical is a Seattle based company that does all sorts of really cool training, work and support in the medical field.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Going according to plan...

Classe Mini put out the entry lists for the early season races today. Of the four early season races I wanted, I got into all four.
The races are; Pornichet Select, Mini-Pavois, Trophee MAP and the Mini Fastnet. The Mini Fastnet is a doublehanded race, all the others are singlehanded.
There is also an early season race in Locmiquelic which is not on the official Classe Mini calendar that I may also do, the Demi-Cle 6.50. This will depend on how my preparations and my 1000 qualifier are going which I plan to do prior to the Pornichet Select.
Once I get the qualifier done, along both the Pornichet Select and Mini-Pavois, I will have all my miles completed for the TransAt. From here I can focus on training, which will definitely include lots of racing. Right now this is the next goal.