Monday, February 2, 2009

Going according to plan...

Classe Mini put out the entry lists for the early season races today. Of the four early season races I wanted, I got into all four.
The races are; Pornichet Select, Mini-Pavois, Trophee MAP and the Mini Fastnet. The Mini Fastnet is a doublehanded race, all the others are singlehanded.
There is also an early season race in Locmiquelic which is not on the official Classe Mini calendar that I may also do, the Demi-Cle 6.50. This will depend on how my preparations and my 1000 qualifier are going which I plan to do prior to the Pornichet Select.
Once I get the qualifier done, along both the Pornichet Select and Mini-Pavois, I will have all my miles completed for the TransAt. From here I can focus on training, which will definitely include lots of racing. Right now this is the next goal.

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