Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gear on USA 724

I have had a lot of people asking about the gear I am putting on the boat so I thought I'd run through the list:
Sails: X-Voiles (
Spars: AG+ with curved lower spreaders to allow a larger Solent
Running Rigging: A mix of Liros ( and Samson (
Hardware: Mostly Harken (
Sailing Instruments and Auotpilot: NKE (
Spare Autopilot: Autohelm 4000 (
VHF: Icom IC-M411 (
GPS: Furuno GP32 (
Fuel Cell : Max-Power (
Solar Panels: Two floating panels to be positioned as needed as needed
Cooking: Jet Boil (
Active Radar reflector: Maretc Active Echo
Safety Harness/flotation: Spinlock Deckvest (
EPIRB: McMurdo (
Survival Suit: Guy Cotten TPS (
Life Raft: Viking 4 Person (
SSB Receiver: Sangean ATS 909 (
Electronic Barometer: Vion A4000 (

I am sure I have forgotten some important items and will add them when they occur to me.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thanks Sailing Anarchy!!

A big thanks to Scot and Mr. Clean at Sailing Anarchy ( They put a nice bit about me and my project on the front page of their site with a link to this blog. While I am in France I am going to be sending regular updates back with pics.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pics; March 24, 2009

Here are the latest pics, received them earlier today. Things are looking really great. I cannot say enough about the great job that everyone involved in this boat have done with a huge thanks to Sylvain Pontu of Demi Cle ( in Locmiquélic

The methanol fuel cell viewed through the stern hatch with the raft tie down straps in the foreground.

Starboard side middle compartment with one battery, part of the NKE system and the keel viewing window.

Waterline taped off

Another of the hull

More of the hull

Inside the boat looking at the pivoting GPS mount

Looking aft under the cockpit at the fuel cell (left) and the autopilot pump (right)

The electrical panel, VHF, fuel cell control panel and NKE wireless controller on the starboard side of the cabin

The middle of the boat with the NKE processor boxes and the batteries

Looking in through the companionway at the "interior" and the GPS. Note the folding doors covering the batteries and the instrument processor boxes.
The autopilot pump and one of the bilge pumps, viewed through the stern hatch.

Looking in through the stern hatch at the autopilot ram, the rudder angle indicator, the raft straps and the fuel cell.

Another of the autopilot ram with pilot tiller arm

Boat hanging, getting sprayed

Getting sprayed

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Other details

Had a great meeting with the folks as Remote Medical ( yesterday, talking through the requirements for my medical kit and getting me all the appropriate training. One of those things that is REALLY good to have but I truly hope I will never need.
Also met yesterday with a local writer who is working on a story about myelf and Craig Horsfield for one of the national sailing magazines. Craig is doing a Mini Campaign as well and lives here in the Seattle area. Details are still being fleshed out as to when this article will appear in the magazine.
Today was the second race of the CYC Center Sound Series, ( The forecast was 14-18 knots from the south with a big ebb so a likely quick trip north to the turning mark and then a cold, wet beat back to the finish. Unfortunately for us, at the start, while raising the spinnaker, the sail went into the water. With the boat already going about 12 knots, the water made quick work of ripping the sail to shreds along with exploding the tackline block on the end of the bowsprit. We had a second spinnaker which we could have used but we did not have a spare tackline block. We tried to sail part of the run with just the main and jib but could not keep the boat planing enough to stay ahead of the 40' boats in our class. Without being able to build up a cushion on these boats for them to eat up on the beat back, we were pretty much relegated to being last. We also had two damaged stanchions on the starboard side. So the decision was made to turn around and head in. I really dislike dropping out of races but in this case it likely meant we saved inflicting further damage on ourselves.
As it was the damage list was:
Code 1 spinnaker- badly ripped, no idea if it can be fixed
Sprit end block- completely destroyed
Two stanchions- damaged but repairable.

We got all the lines back and I did not see any damage on them but should give them a more thorough looking at to be sure.
When we lost sight of Banshee (the other Melges 32) it looked like they were lead boat ahead of the boats that had started five minutes ahead.
Guessing the coming week will be a busy week of repairs.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pics 030709

Here are some pics I recieved this morning

Boat in its storage cradle

stern view

looking in through the stern hatch at the autopilot ram and raft storage area

Electronics, electrical and other items in the main cabin

One more shot in the cradle, just for good measure

Friday, March 6, 2009

Mini Pavois Blog

The Mini Pavois, which will be my second race of the 2009 season, has a blog page:
I have the notoriety of being the only registered American in the race.