Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gear on USA 724

I have had a lot of people asking about the gear I am putting on the boat so I thought I'd run through the list:
Sails: X-Voiles (
Spars: AG+ with curved lower spreaders to allow a larger Solent
Running Rigging: A mix of Liros ( and Samson (
Hardware: Mostly Harken (
Sailing Instruments and Auotpilot: NKE (
Spare Autopilot: Autohelm 4000 (
VHF: Icom IC-M411 (
GPS: Furuno GP32 (
Fuel Cell : Max-Power (
Solar Panels: Two floating panels to be positioned as needed as needed
Cooking: Jet Boil (
Active Radar reflector: Maretc Active Echo
Safety Harness/flotation: Spinlock Deckvest (
EPIRB: McMurdo (
Survival Suit: Guy Cotten TPS (
Life Raft: Viking 4 Person (
SSB Receiver: Sangean ATS 909 (
Electronic Barometer: Vion A4000 (

I am sure I have forgotten some important items and will add them when they occur to me.


Anonymous said...

Chris, are you going 100% Fuel Cell, or will you have a solar panel or two?


Unknown said...

Will have solar too, I added them to the list. Will be two panels on the cabintop plus a floating one.

Brian Duff said...

What about your spars? Who made the masts and rigging, bowsprit, etc?

Cordage? Thanks for keeping a gerat and facinating blog.

Brian Duff
Yacht Rigger

Unknown said...

Spars are AG+ and running rigging is a combination of Liros and Samson.
Since the boat is a planned Series the rig is aluminum, per the Classe Mini Rules

Anonymous said...

Hi there. I am the buyer of hull no five.
Where in france are you going to keep yours?
I am based in Sweden but planing to have the boat in france or UK.
The boat should come in May (delayed)

Unknown said...

I am keeping the boat in Locmiquelic. Although much of this year will be spent other places for regattas.