Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Eve of the Mini-Pavois

So the Mini-Pavois starts tomorrow afternoon. Classe Mini approved my request to race which is a great relief.
The race itself has a blog page that should have pretty regular updates, here is the link to the english version: http://minipavois-2009-uk.blogspot.com/
The weather is looking a bit unsettled but it should be relatively benign for the first leg which is a straight shot to Gijon from La Rochelle.
The second leg could be more interesting both at it is over twice the distance and the late stages of the leg are close along the coast of Brittany.
Hopefully I will be able to get some stories and pics posted after leg one but it will depend on finding a cyber-cafe in Spain since I am leaving my computer here in La Rochelle. It may be that I will just post on my Facebook page since I will be able to access that with my phone.


Pablo Marquez said...

Kick some butt and have tons of fun.
We have been following your progress with the project for some time but I just now figured how to comment. I know, I am a dumb ass.

Pablo and Paige Marquez

Unknown said...

Thanks guys, are you still in San Diego?