Monday, June 30, 2008


Am just back from Long Beach, CA where I sailing on Dave Kirby's J-122, TKO. We sailed in a PHRF Class with a J125, a newer Tripp 41, a Beneteau 44.7 and a Farr 395. On Friday the breeze topped out at about 11 knots and we struggled a bit without a genoa in the Long Beach lump. Saturday started out somewhat light and built through the day getting up close to 20 knots of breeze at the end of the day. Sunday's first race started in about 17 knots of breeze and held pretty steady arounf there throughout the day.
Our class ended up being one of attrition with the Farr 395 missing the third race on Saturday and not making it out on Sunday at all. The Beneteau 44.7 turned around on the motor out on Sunday moring and we did not see them the rest of the day. That left us, the J125 and the Tripp 41 to race on Sunday. The Tripp and the J125 had traded firsts and seconds throughout the weekend with us just ahead of the, now absent, Beneteau. Mid-way up the second beat of the first race the J125 dropped their jib and headed in. It sounded like they yelled to us that they had heard a loud crack from below and were calling it a day. The noise turned out to be their #3 track ripping out of the deck. The 125 did not need any assistance from us so we continued racing along with the Tripp. For the final race we match raced a bit for the start with both boats starting on Port, us closer to the boat. The Tripp gradually extended throughout the race giving them the win and the regatta and us a second in the race and third for the regatta. The J125 held on to get second.
Was a good group and a fun event.

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