Monday, June 30, 2008

Mini news

Just got word today that things are proceeding along on the tooling but also going a bit slower than planned. What this means is Hull #2 will not be ready until the end of August. Adding to the matter is the owner of Hull #3 had arranged for his boat to be in the Grand Pavois boat show in La Rochelle in mid September and #3 will not be ready for that. So I have agreed to trade build slots with Pascal and he will get #2 and I will get #3.
This means my boat will be done at the end of September. I will travel to La Rochelle at that time to take delivery. We have a training session planned on Oct. 3 and then a regatta on Oct. 4-5. I will likely then stay in France for a few more weeks training and getting the boat sorted. At the end of October there is also a training session for all three of the Nacira minis in Quiberon.


Unknown said...

Hey Chris, any news on the build progress? The hull and deck plugs look nice.

Unknown said...

No new pics at present, the NACIRA design site has a couple of pics posted I do not have.