Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Greetings from Locmiquelic

Arrived here on Sunday after a nice long flight from Seattle to Paris. From Paris I took the TGV to Lorient with a change of trains in Le Mans and then a short cab ride to the boat. Note to self, carrying two bags at the max weight for the airlines is not fun on the train.
Since I got here it has been very busy with getting the details sorted out on the boat. I have been making a few small rigging changes/upgrades and there are some in store on the boat too. The biggest one in the works is the fuel cell got installed in the incorrect spot and will have to be moved. It will be getting moved forward to reside next to the batteries to help centralize the weight.
The biggest surprise of the boat is how roomy it is down below. Well roomy for a 21' boat. Earlier today we had 3 people in the boat and while cozy did not seem too cramped
The weather has not exactly been cooperating for assembling the boat since it has been raining sideways and barely 50 degrees.
Where I am keeping the boat is a great little marina, St. Catherine in Locmiquelic. I am tied up right next to Nacira #1 so have been able to see what is on that boat.
Tomorrow I plan to snap some more pics.

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