Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lots of Lines

Got the boom back and the boat is now pretty much fully rigged. Prior to the boom going on, I took a few more pics of various things on the boat.

The cabin top with its plethora of lines. From port to starboard it is: Reef 2, Outhaul, Vang, Sprit flipper, tackline, MH Spinnaker Halyard, Main Halyard, Fractional Spinnaker Halyard, Solent halyard, Solent Reef, Babystay, Reef 3 and finally Reef 1

The lines on the cockpit floor looking aft. From starboard to port: Runner, Mainsheet fine tune, Runner fine tune, Mainsheet (not yet rigged) and port runner.

One of the checkstay adjusters

The adjustable foot rests or, as Bob Perry calls them, Bensons

The obligatory oarlock

The starboard side deck. From the center of the boat working out: solent athwartship adjuster, solent fore and aft adjuster, spinnaker twing, outrigger line, brace. The solent sheet and the spinnaker sheet will go through the two empty blocks just outboard of the brace clutch.

Another view of the same sidedeck area.

The autopilot computer. The NKE ram is currently connected with the other plug being for the Autohelm/Raymarine, spare ram.

A look down through the keel window at the keel.

Today I need to get some final bits installed up the rig and will be getting my sleeping alarm installed too. The alarm is LOUD which is a very good thing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,
I'm a futur happy owner of a Nacira (#7). Do you have an email for a few questions ?

sjdjohnson said...

this is just fantastic what you're doing. thanks for sharing with the rest of us!