Wednesday, June 24, 2009

where's the time gone?

It's hard to believe my last post was 12 days ago but I guess being on a mini for 9 straight days will skew ones perspective.
Overall the Qualifier went really well and without much in the way of drama. A couple of little things had to get fixed which if they had not might have caused bigger problems done the line but that was not the case. Also had a few wind shifts/weather developments go in unfavorable directions as it seems I spent a majority of the time going upwind. In my log I kept track of the true wind direction along with heading, true wind angle and wind velocity so I will be able to go back and see what percentage was upwind. That said, I do know it was entirely upwind from the mouth of the bay at La Rochelle, out to Rochebonne and then all the way to the Raz.
For anyone who has not seen the Raz at full force it is an impressive place. It's the next big point south of Brest and to the west is about 15 miles of shoals and rocks so the tide stacks up pretty substantially there.
The three times I have sailed through there the tide was not running "very" hard and I had between two and three knots of current.
Anyway, enough about the Raz. I am now back in Locmiquelic, arrived early this morning from Douarnenez after a slow but relatively pleasant 80 mile sail. The only real unpleasant parts were the flies and whether the fishing boat that lit me up with his spotlight between the Glenans Island group and Groix Island was only doing so to get a good bead on me to run me down. I am hoping it was my Active Echo was lighting up his radar like I was a big target and he was trying to sort out what was causing such a big return.
So, now I have a few things to get together and make sure my paperwork for my Qualifier is complete and get that turned in. I should be able to do that tomorrow so that will be another checked off item. Assuming the Qualifier gets approved, I will be fully in the TransAt.
So what's next? I need to get the rudders, keel and a panel of the hull painted safety orange, so they can find me if the boat is upside down. No joke, that is truly the reason. I have spoken with some folks about a training session in Lorient in August instead of the Transgascogne. I want ot do a few more tweaks to the rigging systems, replace a few lines that are not performing as I want them to, and some work on the sails. Also some additional small things to do on the electrical and electronics side of things including my SSB antenna. All very crucial things which I will need to stay ahead of so they do not pile up at the end.
With that said, I am going to sign off here to upload some sail pictures and take care of these items. I have some pics from Douarnenez and others too, I'll try to post them soon.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Chris, congrats on the qualifier. Not sure what paint you're using, but it seems to be a pretty universal experience that people find the fluo paints (at least Nautix and International) don't provide as good antifouling - don't know why. So unless you're keeping the boat on the trailer, you might consider putting that job off until closer to the Transat.