Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mini Anarchy

Some interesting links and stories to check out:

Sailing Anarchy has been a big supporter of Mini Anarchy and has a Ocean Racing Forum about the Mini Transat. The newest story on the frontpage is called Mini Moves.

For pictures from the Mini 650 start at La Rochelle from Lyn Hines Marine Marketing click here.

Interviews with Chris Tutmark and other racers at Funchal as well as video of the start from La Rochelle from from Duff at YachtPals are at: Mini Transat – Sailing 4,200 Miles Solo on 21' Boats

Official updates and photos at the Transat 650 site and the official tracker.


Anonymous said...

woke up out of a sound sleep at 2am just in time to see photos of chris on the dock in bahia being posted as i watched
well done

Tom Milne said...

Nice Rally CT